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“All I wanted was a pair of shoes.
And that’s how it all started…”

Hello, we are Geneze

And for more than 10 years, we've been doing our best to make your riding as enjoyable as possible. That’s why we choose only the best gear and accessories from top brands like Rukka, Schuberth, Daytona, Modeka, Johnny Bulls or Mayura. But we’re also here for you when the going gets tough – for example when you need to have your Schuberth helmet fixed, our professionals will take care of it. We'll be more than happy to help you out in our stores where you can stop by just for a friendly chat. We'd love to hear about your latest adventures as well.

Why shop with us?

We'll gear you up from head to toe – in one place. We want you to feel comfortable on your motorcycle so that you can truly enjoy your journeys. We'll always be happy to help you out personally in our stores in Prague and in Zlín, so don’t be shy to come and ask us if you need help your riding gear – even if you're just a beginner. Even here on the e-shop, you may learn how to best choose various riding gear. We’ve got all products in stock which means that anything you buy here could be there with you on your next trip in a couple of days.

The Geneze Team

Vítězslav Ryšavý

Founding father

Ever since founding Geneze in 1997, he’s been leading it with calm humbleness. When he’s not in the office, you can spot him on his touring Yamaha FJR.

Markéta Kamenářová

Executive director

She handles the everyday business so that everything works like a charm and Geneze can keep doing its best for you. She’s pretty demanding. But we like her anyway.

Gabriela Ryšavá

E-shop and marketing

Gabriela takes care of the engine of the Geneze e-shop and marketing. She also makes Geneze social media sites a fun place to visit.

Antonín Žák

Service of Schuberth helmets and coms

Regularly training in Magdeburg, Tony knows every single Schuberth helmet inside out. That’s what makes him the best Schuberth mechanic in the central Europe. Your helmet will be in the best of hands.

Hana Stiborová

Head of the Geneze store

You may really look forward to seeing Hanka in the Geneze store in Zlín. She will gladly help you out, and as she says: “We are happiest when we see a returning customer.”

Jitka Jandová

Head of the Geneze store

Jitka is an enthusiastic rider which makes her the best person to talk to about the right riding gear or accessories. She will gladly guide you through our products and help you choose the best gear for you.

Jana Srovnalová

Customer service and wholesale

Jana handles all the communication with you, our customers. You can absolutely trust her. The nice and friendly voice on the phone usually belongs to her.

Lukáš Knedla


Lukáš makes sure that every single order gets to you in time and in one piece.

Veronika Lukeštíková

Orders and administration

Veronika accepts and processes your orders and she also sends out all the invoices.


Our customer

You’re the engine that drives us forward and the reason we wake up in the morning. If there’s something we can do better, let us know.


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